Walk together with your GP

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At our practice, we want to stimulate people to get more exercise:

Getting more exercise is one of the best ways to combat heart and vascular disease, helps improve diabetes and keep overweight in check, and helps people with arthrosis and the elderly stay on their feet. For this reason, we organize 30-minute walks starting at our practice every Thursday morning. Everyone is welcome to join, not just people who belong to the abovementioned groups. We can offer you support and guidance at all different levels. One or two of our people will join the walk, so please join us, even if you are a slower walker. Nothing beats exercise when it comes to being healthy!

Location: Huisartsenpraktijk Bergse Bos

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For over a year, Niels Broen has worked in our practice on Wednesday afternoons. He is specialised in feet problems (and arch support), but also in other supportive materials like braces. Click here for more information.

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NEP (national exchange point)

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This year we want to finalize our affiliation with the NEP. The NEP makes it possible to make your data visible for other health care providers. This is a very secure system which allows us to monitor who are looking into your personal data. Furthermore, people are only able to see your data under strict conditions. Obviously, this system has important advantages in case of emergency situations, for example in the general practicioner’s center or the emergency room. We have only recently decided to participate now that we are adequately convinced of the security of the system. You have to give permission before we can share your data. You can do this at your next visit to our practice or by phone/email (click here to go to the MGN environment).

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