Welcome to the website of Huisartsenpraktijk Bergse Bos

The general medical practice of general practitioner Wouter Boswinkel is situated in Hillegersberg on the edge of the Bergse Bos, at walking distance of Terbregge. The practice resides in De State (previously the Centrum voor Reuma en Revalidatie Rotterdam) at the Van Beethovenlaan 60.

In the right part of De State, you find our brand new practice on the ground floor. The entrance of the practice is to the right and in front of the main entrance of the building.

In front of the building and in the Van Beethovenlaan, there is ample parking space. There are also parking spots to the left side of the building.

Parkeerplaatsen rond de praktijk

In a calm and relaxed environment, we as an enthusiastic and regular team offer personal health care close to home. You can count on our expertise and trusted care in a professional working environment.

Our team consists of:

  • Wouter Boswinkel, general practitioner
  • Renske Kuppens, general practitioner
  • Ria Doekhie-Biekhram, practice manager
  • Carmen Duinkerke, doctor’s assistant
  • Kaylee van de Veerdonk, doctor’s assistant
  • Shaan Sewgobind, doctor’s assistant in training
  • Elleke van Vliet, general practice-based nurse specialist (somatics)
  • Iris Wobbes, general practice-based nurse specialist (mental health care)
  • Heike Klinken, general practice-based nurse specialist (mental health care)
  • Amrita Raghoenath, general practitioner in training

We intimately work with De State in the areas of elderly care and revalidation. We also work as general practitioners in their care hostel. Advanced plans exist to develop movement programs for patients with diabetes, heart and vascular disease and overweight at the center.