Practice region

Originally, the practice region primarily comprised Terbregge, de Bergse Linker Rottekade and (Terbregse Rechter) Rottekade up until Oud Verlaat and up to house number 50 on the side of Bergschenhoek, and the Molenlaan quarter. In principle, the practice region today includes Hillegersberg and Terbregge in its entirety, with the addition of the same parts of the Bergse Linker Rottekade and (Terbregse Rechter) Rottekade as before. We no longer take patients living in Schiebroek.

Because so many patients are currently applying to our practice for registration, we have had to make the following adjustment in response to capacity limitations on our part: patients who are new inhibitants of the neighborhood of Hillegersberg-Terbregge are directly eligible for application, because of their otherwise limited options to get access to health care. Patients who already have a general practicioner in the neighborhood and wish to transfer to us can only be registered for our practice in small increments and will be placed on a waiting list. This is because they still have access to health care via their current general practicioner.


Do you want to register as a patient with our practice and do you live in the practice region? Then we ask you to fill out our registration form below and submit this to us in person at the counter. Do not forget to bring an identification document and your health insurance card. We thank you in advance!

Keep in mind that your registration is only official after confirmation from our side!