logo-nhg-lgOur practice has been NHG accredited for years, which we are very happy about.

An NHG accreditation is a quality mark for general medical practices that are involved in the improvement of health care.

It shows that we continuously work on improving quality in our practice, with attention for the organization, working practice, medical activities and the judgment of the patient.

To qualify for a quality mark, the entire practice has to be audited. Data are collected about the organization of the practice, medical care in the practice and the opinions of patients. An independent advisor processes all these data into a report. The general practitioner then drafts an improvement plan for the practice based on this report.

Thereafter, an NHG accreditor visits the practice to judge whether the data have been collected in a correct manner, the plans are in line with the specified requirements and the practice has started with the implementation of the plan. If all of the above are the case, the NHG quality mark is assigned to the practice. The accreditor returns on a yearly basis to re-evaluate if the practice complies with the requirements and to what degree points of improvement have been implemented. The quality mark will be prolonged for a period of one year.

As an accredited practice, we like to hear the opinions and suggestions of our patients. These will be used to improve the practice. Our employees love to hear what you have to say. All remarks are appreciated.